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International Arbitration between the UK and US

Globalization continues to make the world a much smaller place. 

Economic statistics show that the UK and the US are each others’ single largest foreign investor. As of October 2011, UK exports to the US were £31.7 billion, whereas exports from the US to the UK were $782.7 billion. While commercial transactions between the UK and the US continue to flourish, so do misunderstandings and disputes that sometimes arise during active commerce. 

Today, many commercial contracts contain arbitration clauses. These contractual provisions divert disputing parties away from public courts by obliging them to resolve their differences through private arbitration.  When these disputes arise between individuals or businesses from different countries, the parties are said to be involved in international arbitration.

While legal representation, the seat of arbitration, and the governing law are all important, it is equally important to select competent and qualified arbitrators who will decide the case.  If your company is engaged in international arbitration in the United States, then Miami, Florida is an excellent location in conduct the proceedings.

Britain maintains a consulate-general’s office in Miami that is available to assist British nationals. The office is just several blocks away from JAMS, the largest provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide.

Hon. Scott J. Silverman (ret.)

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Scott J. Silverman is an arbitrator and mediator working exclusively with JAMS, the largest provider of mediation and arbitration services worldwide. For nearly 22 years, he served honorably as a circuit and county judge in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida, and retired from active judicial service in 2012. While on the bench, he distinguished himself as a stellar judge and as one of South Florida’s highest rated circuit court judges. Since his retirement, he has continued his stellar performance by quickly becoming one of Miami’s premiere mediators and arbitrators.

South Florida’s Daily Business Review rates him as the Best Alternative Dispute Mediation Individual in its “Best of 2013” survey. The poll, which had over 9.000 responses, addressed 57 categories, including the top mediator in South Florida.
DBR Best Miami Mediator of 2013

Scott J. Silverman has presided over domestic and International arbitrations administered by JAMS and the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR). Some consider him to be one of the finest arbitrators in Miami.

He has served as the presiding neutral in single member and tripartite arbitrations, including:

  • International maritime arbitrations involving three of the world’s largest cruise lines with the seats of arbitration including Nicaragua, Uruguay, Panama, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Italy, Jamaica, etc.
  • Commercial arbitrations;

As a mediator, Scott J. Silverman is known for his keen intellect, down to earth manner, and pragmatic approach to problem solving. He is unrelenting as he assists parties towards a settlement of their dispute. Regardless of the time needed or the required patience, Scott J. Silverman will make every effort to help the parties achieve an amicable resolution. For over two decades as a trial judge, he presided over tens of thousands of cases that demanded his attention, knowledge of the law, and devotion to duty. He continues with this work ethic in the private sector.

The following are representative of the types of cases he has mediated to a successful conclusion. Some of these cases have involved disputes over millions of dollars:

  • Numerous international maritime/admiralty arbitrations in which crew members claimed serious personal injuries and sought damages under the Jones Act, unseaworthiness theories, and maintenance and cure;
  • Complicated closely held corporate dissolution which resulted in a buy-out from one corporate officer to another;
  • Commercial landlord-tenant dispute between a large well-known Florida law firm and its lessor over a security deposit;
  • International labor arbitration in which a multi-national corporation allegedly engaged in unlawful age and sex discrimination;
  • Half-million dollar corporate mortgage foreclosure deficiency dispute between a guarantor and a lender bank/
  • Personal injury case in which a propane gas grill, sold by a national retailer, exploded causing the plaintiff third and second degree burns;
  • Claim for damages brought by the client of a well known accounting firm who alleged that she loaned the firm’s partner a large sum of money and the partner defaulted;
  • Petition to modify a judgment of dissolution of marriage which sought to increase one parent’s time sharing with the divorced couple’s minor children;
  • Petition for Temporary support claimed by a divorcing spouse in a marriage of less than ten years;
  • Dispute between a hospital and a professional recruiter over a claimed commission;
  • Claim by a major for-profit hospital chain against an international insurance company regarding alleged monies owed to it by the insurance company for medical services provided to its insureds;
  • Commercial loan default by an institutional lender against a well known physician;
  • Legal malpractice and spoliation case in which a prominent attorney allegedly lost an integral piece of evidence, which resulted in a less than satisfactory conclusion in the plaintiff’s underlying lawsuit;
  • Claims for injuries resulting from exposure to asbestos;
  • Dispute in which a police officer was allegedly denied the opportunity by a municipality to make payments from his IRC 457(b) deferred compensation plan to the city’s defined benefit plan, to purchase service credits;
  • Personal injury claim in which a plaintiff was a seriously injured after coming into contact with a power line; and
  • Dispute between the FDIC, as receiver, and the officers and directors of a failed bank.
Contact Scott J. Silverman if you are considering an arbitration in Miami or in any other part of the United States, South America, Europe or Asia.
Scott Silverman